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New! Rachel Neville has joined Cycom as Office Manger

New! We have launched Club Cycom where you can use many software tools for terminology management, engineering design, trade, PKI, communication and education. All you can eat for only 3 euros/month.

Language translation and JavaTM internet applications help you to:

  • Communicate globally.

  • Provide product information to your customers in their native language.

  • Demonstrate your product online.

  • Automate quotations, orders, and client customisation of the product.

  • Get direct information of the needs of the customer.

  • Give your customers news, tips, upgrades and on-line interactive help manuals.

  • Give the customer 24 hour automatic support.

Click for a short presentation on On-line Financial Planning or On-line Insurance Broking or On-line Banking or On-line Pensions/Investments.

See this page in Spanish


Hi! My name is Lily Saona. Let me tell you more of our translation experience in IT, Finance, Insurance and Technical equipment. Try our on-line quotation system or other on-line language tools.


Hi! My name is Chris Turner. I built the hardware, compiled the operating system and web server, configured the network and authored the HTML and JavaTM pages that you are now reading. I am a Sun Certified Java Programmer. Cycom can create and host your web site or JavaTM application services on its Linux servers. Two servers are colocated at different ISPs to minimum risk of loss of service in the event of a single failure. We can also supply on-site Java consultancy to help your programming team gain knowledge and confidence or just overcome a particular difficulty.

Cycom Ltd. is at your service if you propose to create an interactive multi-lingual Web site or ASP portal. You will also need a subject specialist (that's you!) and a graphics designer.

Our expertise is in Object Oriented Analysis, Design and Implementation (Unified Method, Java, C++.) This can help you to reduce your IT project cost and risk. We have 9 years of OO experience and we can avert many OO project problems.

We have experience in Security, PKI, e-commerce, Supply line management, Insurance Broking systems and Radiocommunications (RF design, prototype, datagram protocols, satellite).

We assure you that our charges are extremely competitive and we prefer to quote only after completely understanding and defining your needs.

Cycom use JavaTM technology. This includes an object oriented computer programming language that has been designed for use on the Internet and World Wide Web and is a de-facto standard. It uses the Unicode character set which has more than 30000 symbols and so can accommodate both european and asian characters. It enables Cycom's products to operate on Linux, SolarisTM, Macintosh, and MS Windows.

Cycom Limited, 308 North Road, Yate, Bristol. BS37 7LL. U.K.

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