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Chris TurnerChristopher Turner

Two Oaks, Manor Road, Bristol BS37 7LR, U.K.

I am an Object Oriented Analyst and designer. I specialise in Java (Why Java?) and C++ for implementation and I use the Unified Method for analysis and design. Application experience is mainly scientific and technical although this last year I have been working on insurance broking systems.

I offer consultancy and design to those companies who wish to start using internet technology as a replacement for their legacy main-frame and legacy microsoft client-server systems. My customers will find that very high performance and function is possible for low project cost.

I have worked as a software engineer and designer for 17 years. I have always been involved with leading edge technology. Object orientation is one of these advances. It only succeeds when applied with skill, sensitivity to complexity, and method. I have worked in many large projects and I know how to avert OO project problems. I can recognise and correct a flawed design. I know that I am uniquely skilled to direct the technical aspects of IT projects. Click here to see the benefits that you will enjoy. Here is my detailed CV.

I am an inventor at heart and I enjoy experimenting as a radio amateur (G7TZO). I have submitted a patent for a Low Earth Orbit satellite to deliver email to hand-held terminals.

I enjoy eating Peruvian and Thai dishes.

I am a Director of Cycom Ltd., a company that I run with the help of my wife Lily Saona. I have 3 children.

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