How to use floppy disks on Linux Redhat 9 KDE

To use the floppy you first have to "mount" it.
Right-mouse-click on the background of your desktop (the blank space clear of any icons in the center of your screen), select the "Disks" menu item from the menu and then the submenu item "Floppy".

This should mount the floppy and give you an icon on your desktop.
You can now read and save files to the directory "/mnt/floppy".
When you have finished you should unmount the floppy. First close any applications which might be using the floppy
such as the Nautilus file browser. Then rightmouseclick on the floppy icon on your desktop and carefully select the "Eject" option. The floppy icon should then disappear from your desktop and you can safely remove
the floppy.

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