Hypertext and Hypermedia refer to documents which can be displayed and read on a computer screen by an application known as a Web Browser. The reader (human user) is not restricted to a sequential reading, but can jump to any page in any document by clicking on a Link. Each page can have links to many other pages, hence the use of the word "Web". The referenced pages can be on any server anywhere in the world, hence the use of the term "World Wide Web". The content of the pages may contain text, images, sounds, movies, and interactive Java programs. A page is termed a "Resource".

Historically, the WWW has supported mono-lingual pages with just a passive text and image display. This is now changing due to the emergence of new standards. The important new standards are:-

Most of this technology is very new. Cycom uniquely has the expertise in the human languages, Internet programming languages and the Internet itself. If it can be done, we can do it.