Realising your vision

We are sensitive to the fact that improvement in one aspect of an organisation can affect other areas of the organisation. When we undertake Java/Internet/XML consultancy assignments we will highlight opportunities and risks elsewhere in the company. As an independent freelance Java consultant, our Managing Director assures you that we have no motivation to sell you any expensive vendor specific systems.

Understanding your organisation

We will seek to understand the culture and structure of your organisation and the relevance of both to the markets that you serve. We will look at the vision, the mission, the structure, the values, the climate, the stakeholders, and the forces operating within your organisation, and we will operate with due care.

Defining our rôle

You and your staff are the experts in your business. We will work in partnership with your in-house expertise to bring out the best ideas, perhaps adding a fresh angle and always spending adequate time defining the problem. Our rôle may be chosen by you to be any of:- advocate, expert, mentor, trainer and educator, collaborator, identifier of alternatives, or fact finder.

Solid agreement on goals, outcomes and scope of work

It is you and your staff who provide the significant and permanent increases in the effectiveness of your processes or product. We provide a cost-effective fast-track approach to achieving that higher capability. We are engineers. We will follow a documented structured method appropriate to the problem that will ensure the outcome (e.g RUP with UML diagrams).

A rich solution space

We are familiar with the most modern tools and methods for analysis and implementation. We have tested them by actual use and we are prepared to use any that are proven beyond reasonable doubt.

Object oriented approach

This is not a canned solution. An object oriented approach focuses on objects and concepts in your particular problem domain. For telecommunications systems, OO is a telecoms oriented approach, for insurance broking systems it is an insurance broking oriented approach. The key feature of OO is that the mapping of problem domain concepts to computer implementation is kept as transparent as possible. The aim is that when the problem domain (or requirements) change slightly, then the change required to the computer program is equally slight. This extends the life of the program and reduces maintenance costs. Some problem domain concepts appear in several contexts and parts of an OO design can sometimes be re-used in several applications thus shortening development time. These benefits can only be realised by skillfully applying a suitable method. Regular review of designs and the presence of an expert OO mentor is needed to prevent complexity meltdown.

Open, scalable systems

Our consultants have mainly worked with networked multi-user UNIX systems using international standard protocols. They are able to keep a balanced design viewpoint even when the implementation must involve Microsoft desktop interfaces.

They are able to handle design issues such as language internationalization, distributed processing, fault tolerance, and security. They are well aware of the opportunities and threats posed by technology such as the Internet, WWW and JAVA. They can use leading vendor systems such as Sun's IPlanet, Oracle 8i, or they can use freeware open-source systems such as JBOSS.

A demonstration of secure, scalable, rich client technology is provided at Club Cycom.

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